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I’ve come to modify my self-model.

I keep saying I’m hard of hearing, but some recent evidence has convinced me I’m wrong. Yes, I was genuinely hard of hearing as a child. But seeing as I can now hear a hell of a lot better… well, I thought I couldn’t hear as well, before. Now I realize the problem is multi-tiered:

1. I hear TOO well. So my brain ignores a lot of stuff.

2. My brain has problems distinguishing foreground sounds from background sounds. I knew this already, to be honest. Signals get lost in the noise because my brain has difficulties telling which is which.

3. The noisier it gets, the faster and harder I lose my ability to concentrate. Inability to think means a lot of stuff just doesn’t get processed by my brain.

4. I have difficulties judging the direction sounds come from.

5. My brain doesn’t seem to have as many natural filters as other people’s brains do.

There may be more. Merits more observation and reflection.

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    Ditto for most of it. I’m sure that I was hearing-tested more often than any other kid in grade school. Because in class...
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    This is exactly my issue. All of it. My physical hearing has tested to be at or above normal… but there’s not really any...
  4. nekobakaz said: While I wasn’t hard of hearing as a child, I do have this problem, pretty much exactly. From what I can tell, it may be a sensory/auditory processing thing, possibly related to autism. I haven’t had it tested, cause I haven’t seen the point so far.
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